The average building in New York City is 80-100 years old. Too many buildings still have wiring from many decades ago, which makes them antique. Antiques are good, but not in electrical.

Improper grounding led to a fire at a Brooklyn home.

An important goal on all our projects at RN Electrical is to improve safety. We can do an assessment of your wiring and overall electrical system and determine if you need to upgrade in order to ensure the safety of your home.

Some of our clients have called us only after a problem has emerged, and problems with unsafe wiring can be very dangerous. One recent client, a homeowner in Brooklyn, experienced a fire because of improper grounding (see photo at right).

We are one of very few companies who measure grounding resistance using a special instrument; most electricians just do a visual inspection. (By the way, grounding in North America is more important than elsewhere in the world, and careful attention to grounding is just one of many ways we ensure the overall safety of our clients. Ask us why!) After we analyzed the situation, we upgraded all panels, wiring, and grounding to a safe electrical system.

We don't cut corners on electrical work, especially when it comes to safety.

Electrical Panel-Before Our Work

The faulty panel, BEFORE

Electrical Panel-After Our Work

The improved panel, AFTER our installation

A previous electrician had cut corners in wiring (overloading the neutral), leading to a fire. We fixed the problem and ensured our client's safety.

Fire safety is just one of many reasons why electrical work should be performed by a qualified professional; a handyman may be great for many jobs around the house, but installing electrical isn't one of them. As insured and licensed electricians serving Brooklyn and the greater New York City area, we are well-equipped to help you whatever your electrical needs! Contact us for a free consultation.

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Surge Protection: Protecting your whole house

Multi-outlet surge protectors that you buy at the local hardware store can offer some protection for your valuable electronics, but they can't offer complete protection, and may even in some cases lead to a fire hazard. RN Electrical can install a whole-house surge protector, which offers a much higher level of protection for all of the electronics in your house.

These days, we rely on electronics in our households more than ever, and you'll find electronic circuits in places that never had them before, such as in dimmer switches, ceiling fans, GFI outlets, dishwashers, and other appliances. They are all susceptible to surges, but you can ensure they are protected from damage with a whole-house surge protector.

A whole-house surge protector is installed at the point where electrical service enters your home, and protects all electronic circuits throughout your house. It's an affordable option to achieve peace of mind that your valuable electronics are protected. We can even install them for multi-family dwellings. Ask us about how to keep your belongings protected by one professionally installed protection unit.